Post-surgical/Post Joint Replacement Rehab


Chronic Pain


Edema with venous insufficiency

Scar Management

Neurological Impairments

Generalized Weakness

Decreased Balance and Safety

Home Safety Evaluation

Home Exercise program …                 

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Occupational Therapy

Post-concussion treatment

Scar Release Therapy with MPS

Pain management (acute and chronic) with MPS

Sleep hygiene

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Anxiety, Depression

Intimacy & Relationship issues

Distress, Loss and grief

Anger management



Low self esteem

Setting boundaries


Feeling stuck , Decision making




Personal Growth

Alexander Technique

Learn to move more freely /effortlessly

Improve body awareness

Improve kinesthetic coordination

Free body tension

Learn to re-engage your natural supports

Change unwanted inefficient movement patterns or compensations

Experience more effortless and efficient movement to support your daily activities (ie. walking, computer work, chores etc.) and/or performance (music, dance, acting, etc.).

Nutritional Education

Personalized nutritional plan tailored to your needs and medical issues or concerns.
Provided by an experienced Registered Dietition

Energy Medicine and Reiki

Egg Cleanse – A traditional native ritual which utilizes an uncooked egg to absorb negative energies within your body and/or aura.


Home Cleanse – Clear negative energies from your home or work space Or perhaps you want to clear old energies in your new home.

Health Navigator

Let us answer questions about our healthcare system, what you or your loved ones care needs are and next steps. Always looking out for your best interests.

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