Who are the Wandering Healers?

Celia Rojas is a Registered Physiotherapist and is available to heal all your muscle, joint, skin, nerve, pain issues and more.

Celia has a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Biology from University of Toronto followed by post-graduate studies in gerontology and then graduated from University of Vermont with a Master’s in Physical Therapy in 2004.

Soon after graduation Celia decided to wander throughout the United States. To be able to discover new cities and people she worked as a traveling physiotherapist. Working in a variety of different settings such as nursing homes, rehabilitation centres and home care, Celia was exposed to a great number of wonderful patients with a great variety of illnesses, disabilities and deficits to overcome. The work experience was enriching!

Celia currently works at St.Michael’s Hospital in Toronto, on the inpatient orthopaedic/neurology unit. She works with patients immediately after their orthopaedic surgery so that they can transition to home safely. Celia also works with people who are living with neurological diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis, GBS, NMO, etc.

Celia specializes in post-surgical/post-joint replacement rehabilitation, neuromuscular disorders, chronic disease, lymphedema and chronic pain management (Dermoneuromodulation).


As a graduate of the McMaster University Contemporary Acupuncture Program, Celia is a fully certified to use acupuncture as an adjunct to physiotherapy treatments.

She is also Vodder trained to perform Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Combined Decongestive Therapy to treat patients suffering from primary and secondary lymphedema as well as a number of other issues that involve edema or fluid retention in your body (i.e. post-surgical edema, venous insufficiency, scar management…).

Celia also uses Dermoneuromodulation techniques to reduce and eliminate pain. Particularly pain issues that have been difficult to resolve with more traditional methods of massage, pain meds and/or physiotherapy.

“I love my profession and enjoy helping others achieve a stronger, more confident body; To live life to the fullest; To return to activities that once filled your life with peace and happiness.”


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2 thoughts on “Who are the Wandering Healers?

  1. hi celia .. have been trying to reach you but haven’t been successful so am hoping this gets to you. i would love to speak to you about my knee .. not the new one … and need some advice and maybe an exercise program to get rid of some aches and pains. hope you are well and the little ones are thriving.
    my phone is 416 929 2488 . xx irene


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