Energy Healing & Entity Removals

Your home is a sacred space where you and your family rest, laugh, and make wonderful memories. A space where you are completely comfortable and free to be yourself. That is what we all strive for. But there are times when you don’t feel like your home has the feel of safety and warmth that it should. You feel uncomfortable, anxious, nervous, or you simply just get a bad vibe. Or perhaps you feel a presence, hear noises, lights turning off and on, you lose objects, have frequent nightmares, experience cold spots or see shadows. You may not believe in negative energies, ghosts or spirits but I can assure you that this type of scenario is not at all uncommon. And you can do something about it !

I am a fearless, intuitive, sensitive and compassionate seer. I have been ridding unwanted spirits and negative energies from people’s homes since my youth. I can easily tap into my inner strength and innate gift to clear your home of weighted energy and/or lead lost spirits to their proper place. Your home will feel light, bright, fresh and oh so empty – but in a good way. Ready to fill with all your love and comfort. The way home should feel.

Please feel free to contact me if Energy and Entity Clearing is for you.

Celia Rojas, Reiki Master