Celia Rojas

Usui Reiki Master

About Me

I like to think of myself as an open-minded, open-hearted, strong believer in the power of touch, intrigued by the power of manifestation and a lover of mother earth, our Pachamama.

I am a physiotherapist as well, which makes me a healer who acknowledges the importance as well as the limitations of western medicine. But I do love being able to help people in different ways. I’ve always been sensitive to people’s energies and the energy of souls that surround us. Energy work has come slowly but naturally to me.

I have taken the time to intuitively acquire the knowledge on how to clear spirits from people’s homes, how to help earth-bound spirits to cross-over and to use shamanic clearing techniques for energy healing. In addition, I have studied Reiki to fully complement the work I do. I work to remove the shadows as well as draw in the light.

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