Egg Cleanse

So what IS an egg cleanse ?!

An egg cleanse is a common technique used by many people in my ancestral land of Peru and many other Latin American countries. It is a spiritual or energy cleanse that involves using a raw egg to remove fright, stress, mal de ojo (evil eye) or any other unwanted energies from a person’s aura, soul or chakras. It is believed that the egg, being biological matter, can absorb negative energies. And if great amounts of negative energies are absorbed, the egg will appear more white/opaque or “cooked” when the egg is cracked and read. Yes, a reading, post-cleansing, can be done.

My children refer to this cleanse as “the magic egg”. They always feels better and sleep amazingly after I do this for them.

So if you or a loved one is feeling down, anxious, fearful or just not your usual self, feel free to book a session with me, Celia (Reiki Master). I typically follow an egg cleanse with Reiki. This wonderful technique will heal your spirit.

Example of 2 consecutive egg cleanses in a session

Pic#1 is after the1st egg cleansing – note the cloudiness of the “cooked” egg whites. Immediately after, I used a second egg to continue with removing negative energies from this client. Note the much reduced cloudiness of the 2nd egg (Pic#2).

And my client felt like a new person !