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It’s been quite a whirlwind these past few days and I hope that all this passes quickly with the least amount of hardship and casualties.  I hope we find moments of peace, calm and gratitude as we hunker down with our families. That said, please consider checking in on neighbours who live alone or have difficulty attaining the bare essentials.

I would be happy to help out those who need help attaining home-care medical equipment or unable to get out to important physiotherapy appointments. I can come to your home or provide TeleRehab. If finances are an issue, I’m sure we can work something out; reduced price or payment plan.

I would also like to assure you all that all our healthcare professionals practice safe routine hand-washing (as always) before and after contact with clients. We are keenly aware of maintaining the safety and health of our clients and ourselves.  And whenever possible, telephone or virtual appointments can be arranged. I have PT colleagues open to seeing patients all over the GTA.

My heart goes out to all people affected physically, emotionally and financially, here in Canada and all over. Be safe and take care of each other.


Celia Rojas, PT



Seniors Discount for Home Physiotherapy !

Getting older is hard work and for those without insurance or working with a reduced budget – it can be very stressful. I am currently offering a reduced price for elderly and disabled people with financial constraints. Health matters to all. Stay cozy and warm at home…I will go to your home for physiotherapy treatments.

Call, text or email to inquire: 647-409-8210

Or Book online !

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Let’s welcome 2020!

The New Year is a lovely time to celebrate and spend time with friends and family. It’s also a good time to think back and ask yourself how you can make this year even better !

The wandering healer has expanded and we are ready to help you achieve your goals for this year and beyond.

We are firstly, a lovely caring group of health professionals who love their professions and helping others. We are also able to provide treatment in the comfort of your own home, virtually or in our home office. We typically have flexible schedules (providing many evening and weekend time slots) and direct billing if it’s an option with your private insurance.

Here are a number of ways we can help you:

Physiotherapy – for all your aches and pains, pre and post surgery, equipment training and home safety, PSW/family training, exercise programs. I also have personal interests and education in lymphedema (swelling) management , acupuncture and chronic pain (dermoneuromodulation – the most gentle approach to pain treatment).

Occupational Therapy – Samantha will help you improve on all aspects of Activities of Daily Living with special interest and education in Concussion Care and Recovery including vision- related issues, Sleep Hygiene, Scar Management with Microcurrent Therapy, and much more. An OTs scope of practice is wide.

PsychotherapyMazda, is registered psychotherapist with extensive Gestalt training and other approaches such as Mindfulness, Emotional Focus Therapy and Relational Life Therapy. Mazda is ready to work with both individuals and couples. We all could use a little help to be the best person we can be for ourselves and our loved ones.

Alexander Technique – Our talented Suzanne will help you learn to move more gracefully, more efficiently, more easily. Even standing or sitting still is work and she can change your life. Whether you’ve never recovered fully from an injury or bad habits have changed your posture or cause discomfort in movement, Suzanne will fine tune your body to a better you.

Registered Dietitian– Do you have questions regarding your health and food ? Who doesn’t! Our Dietitian, Helen, will guide you on how to provide your body with all it needs nutritionally, in particular those with chronic diseases.

Energy Work – do you feel heavy with negative energy, perhaps envious or unkind people around you are getting you down? I perform “egg cleanses” to rid you of negative energy, energy clearings for your home or work, and Reiki too. Egg cleanse are especially helpful for babies and children (even pets) who’ve suffered trauma. I also am able to clear spirits from your home (yup, you read that right – helping random spirits or loved ones cross over).

Health Navigator – Do you feel overwhelmed with how to manage your health or perhaps how to care for an elderly parent? Do you have difficulty figuring out our healthcare system or know what your your next steps should be? Several of us wandering healers have a great understanding of all the in’s and outs of our healthcare system. Let us help you understand these common questions: what resources are out there (OHIP versus private)? which type of specialists should I persist to see? How can I best prepare for doctors appointments? What are my care needs? When is a good time to start considering a nursing home ? Or How can I age at home safely ? Have a sit down with a health professional who can guide you and look out for your interests and needs.

Please feel free to contact me at: if you have any questions about our services or how we can accommodate you.

Book online

Or text / call me at (647) 409-8210

Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year!

Now Hiring !!

I am looking for 1 or 2 professional, compassionate physiotherapists who would like to work with me in this rewarding field of private homecare. I provide 1:1, thoughtful, holistic, patient-centered physiotherapy treatments. Typically 1 hr sessions. New grads, seasoned therapists or semi-retired therapists are welcomed to apply. Training begins ASAP, can start work as early as January. Great pay, contract position. Can be a part time position if you have days off from another employer.

Also open to OTs, RMTs, PSWs and Nurses who may be interested in occasional work.

Please send resumes to:

Or find me on Facebook:

The Wandering Healer Physiotherapy Services

Thank you,

Celia Rojas, PT

Suction Cup to the ITBand ??

A couple of months ago I attended an APTEI symposium discussing theories explaining what may really be happening during soft tissue “release”. Each presenter also did a demo of a manual therapy technique that they use with great success.  For one of the demos, presented by the wonderfully energetic Bahram Jam (PT), we received a Tissue Distraction Release (TDR) silicone cup.


Now although Bahram independently discovered that the use of a suction cup on tight or compressed tissue greatly alleviated pain (he originally used a modified toilet plunger! a clean one of course), Cupping therapy has been around for thousands of years.

Bahram’s search for an alternate way to treat tight TFL-ITB was what lead him to the use of negative-pressure suction cups. As many know, whether it be first-hand or through your patients, the solution to relieve a tight ITB is  stretching with foam rollers (ouch!), massage or difficult to achieve stretches. But these exercises stretch and compress the the tight tissues further into the body. So what if there was a way to LIFT the layers of tissue and stretch the fibres away from the body – well, yeah…there is a way! Cupping Therapy!

Before the enthusiasm from the symposium wore off, I found someone to test out this new tool. As it turns out, a tool of torture, well kinda.

My patient has long-standing issues with her hips including bilateral tight TFLs and guitar-string IT bands. No, not a runner, just funky posture and poor flexibility in legs overall.

Her left hip is typically the most problematic (pain, decreased range of motion, weaker) but on this day, the patient reported 6/10 pain upon palpation of the R hip/lateral thigh and 4/10 pain on the left.

I discussed with the patient how cupping therapy works and how this modified technique which involves movement (dynamic cupping) with ROM,  is less likely to cause bruising, but still a possibility. She was more than happy to trade in her pain for possible red spots.

So on the more painful right side, I used the tissue distraction cup, and on the left leg she did her usual foam rolling.

I applied lotion, made gliding movements throughout the lateral thigh and also had the patient move her hip and knee joint in certain directions during the cupping therapy. And yes, it was very painful, “but way worth the benefits” she says. Her painful R hip went from a 6/10 down to an unbelievable 0/10 !  And the more problematic L hip went from a 4/10 down to 2/10 with the foam rollers.  In spite of the pain, she insisted on having the treatment performed to her left leg, bringing the pain down to a 1/10.

Overall great results with this silicone suction cup! I was really impressed and my patient was delighted. The pain stayed away longer than any previous treatments done before and with subsequent treatments we have calmed the heck out of this problem so its almost a non-issue.

I also figured out what I was doing wrong that caused so much pain the first time. I changed lotions to a more oily one (i’m going to just try oil next time), and was more generous with the application. The treatments continue to be uncomfortable but not so painful.

So whether you believe that it releases evil spirits (the original theory), or over acupuncture points it stimulates the flow of chi or simply mechanically it increases circulation and distracts layers of fibres below the skin (removes the fuzz)…all I can say is that so far the results have been positive. Another great tool for my toolbox.

Suction to the ITBand? Yes! Suction away!

If you or someone you know is interested in trying out cupping therapy please request an appointment. Cupping therapy would be best for tight tendons and muscles, shin splints, carps tunnel syndrome, Dupuytren’s contracture, plantar fasciitis, scar management, etc.