Suzanne Liska

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Alexander Technique Practitioner

Suzanne Liska (B.A., B.Ed, Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, MFA in Choreography) is a dancer, choreographer, teacher, and researcher specializing in dance improvisation and somatics since 1998. Receiving Bachelor Degrees in Arts and in Education, as a Certified Alexander Technique Teacher, and having an MFA in Dance Choreography, Suzanne has been a teacher since 2001. She teaches professional dancers, actors, community dancers, and high school and elementary school students. Her main classes include Somatics (Alexander Technique), Conditioning, Solo, Contact, and Ensemble Improvisation/Composition and advanced partnering.

When teaching the Alexander Technique, Suzanne uses “hands-on work” as well as verbal guidance, to lead the student to become more aware of and to change habits of tension and misuse. The educational process of the Alexander Technique trains your kinesthetic coordination and enables you to begin to free patterns of tension to access your underlying support.

Suzanne also sees clients in her home office in Toronto.

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